Best Underspin Reel

Technology has improved largely and today most of the fishing reels available in the market are lightweight and fun to use. However, when it comes to choosing the best underspin reel, you can find it confusing if you don’t have much knowledge about how underspin reels work and how you can choose the best one.

What Is An Underspin Reel?

Before you proceed to choose the best underspin reel, you need to know what is an underspin reel? An underspin reel, also known as a triggerspin reel, is similar to spincast fishing reels or spinning reels. The come with a closed face, just like spincast reels and also hang on the underside of a standard spinning reel. They have a trigger, which helps you to cast the reels easily and unfurl them right on target.

The closed faces of the underspin reel are made with hard plastic or any aluminum alloy or rigid yet lightweight metals.  The enclosed space has the spool system along with other components, which is important for preventing the system for backlash error.

Why Should You Choose Underspin Reel?

Now that we have discussed what an underspin reel is, let’s have a look at why you should choose one. One of the best things about the underspin fishing reels is that they come spooled with fishing lines. You don’t need to take extra steps to ensure that the spools are useful. The underspin reel spools have light lines, which weighs up to 6 – 8 pounds. You can also find some products, which come with a much heavier spool line.

Underspin reels can be used in both saltwater and freshwater.  You can use it for catching small fish like panfish or even larger games if you are a seasoned angler. Some of the most recent models of underspin reels have additional features like drag systems or gear retrievals, which makes it not only more exciting to fish, but also the reel more durable and easy to handle.

Although the underspin reels are best suited for light tackle, with a high gear ratio, you can be sure of fishing a wide variety of fishes without much problem. Additionally, with the external drag system, you can be sure tackling various details. Just like any other type of reels, they also come with handles and allow you to choose between left or right handed retrieve option.

How To Care For Underspin Reels

Just like any other reels, you need to make sure that they are well lubricated and properly maintained. You should use only the specified lubricant for your reels. Also, make sure that you dry the specific parts before you store them. Always store them in a dry place so that it needs less lubrication when you are using it.

Best Underspin Reel
Technical Details Information
Dimensions (inches) 8.5 x 6.2 x 3.5
Weight (ounces) 13.4
Gear Ratio 4.1:1
Line Per Crank 16.1"
Line Capacity 4/85

Best Underspin Reel – The Best One by Comparison

Daiwa Underspin XD Series, Trigger Control Close Faced Reel - Best Underspin Reel
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Top Pick: Daiwa Underspin XD 

Daiwa has been a popular name in the fishing reel industry because of several reasons. First of all its products have garnered positive feedback from the millions that have used it. Additionally, the variety of reels and fishing rods makes it a popular choice among several users. So, let’s have a look at the Daiwa Underspin XD Series, trigger control close faced reel.


The rotating titanium nitride line comes with an easy turn, which makes it easier for you to cast the reel and also retrieve it.  The line aperture, which is oversized, provides you with an amazing casting experience.  Add to it the fact that you have a smooth drag feature, with remote adjustments and you have yet another great product from Daiwa, which delivers smooth performance in both freshwater and saltwater.  It doesn’t matter if you are a left handed or a right handed person, because with the Daiwa underspin XD series, you can convert the retrieve very easily based on your requirements. What’s more,  it comes with a pre – wound premium line, so you don’t need to worry about spooling or any other issues.

One of the best features of the Daiwa underspin XD series is that it comes with trigger control and ultralight feature for fresh water fishing.  The gear ratio of 4.1:1 also makes it easy for you to become a pro angler while you are using this.  The weight of 5.5 oz makes it easier to handle, cast, and retrieve the reel easily when you need it. It comes with one set of ball bearings to provide you with a smooth experience.


Now that you have a clear idea of the features of Daiwa underspin XD series, let’s have a look at its advantages, which makes it one of the best in the category

  • You can change it to either right or left handed retrieve depending on your requirement
  • Has a gear ratio of 4.1:1
  • Has a weight of 5.5 oz, which makes it easier to handle it
  • Comes with one ball bearing, which makes it durable
  • Has a smooth drag feature, along with remote adjustments
  • The rear drag is smooth and easy to use
  • Great for ice fishing


Now, let’s have a look at the disadvantages of the Daiwa underspin XD series

  • The replacement parts might not be easily available
  • The drag is a slender knob at the front of the reel, which can take some getting used to


To sum it up, the Daiwa underspin XD series has some of the best features in case of underspin fishing reels. Yes, you might find it tough to replace the parts, and the whole use of reels might take some getting used to, however, all products require that, and it is not something to be worried about. Additionally, the smooth rear drag makes it great for ice fishing. It is a lightweight underspin reel, which comes with a gear ratio of 4.1:1, and makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere should you need so.


Considering the different features, we have decided to compare another version of Daiwa with this product. The Daiwa Underspin US XD Spincast fishing reel is one of the other products of Daiwa which can be compared to this. It comes with smooth drag facility, ease of access and a gear ratio of 4.1:1. However, if you want a cost – effective product, which will make it easier for you to fish in all weather conditions then the Daiwa underspin XD with trigger facility is the product you should choose from. It comes in three different options and you can be sure of having the choice of the best fishing rods.

Final Words

When it comes to choosing underspin fishing rods, you need to make sure that you choose a lightweight model. Additionally, you should also pay attention to the brand name. The one from Daiwa ticks all the checklists you can prepare, and is a great product to try out. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy the best fishing rod for yourself, and experience the best your money can buy. You can even use this for your kids, because the underspin fishing rods are easier to handle and come in various shapes and sizes. It will be a great family day when you plan to teach your kids the various joys of fishing, isn’t it?